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I recently got the chance to email Luqman Khan and share more of his story on how his 8 page website – an Amazon affiliate site – generated more than $80,000 in December alone thanks to free Google traffic.

The concept of his success comes from an article I wrote at the end of 2015 where I suggested to my readers they started trying to rank for things in Google with 2016 in the headline.

I even did this myself, ranking for a popular ‘X 2016’ term which sent me tens of thousands of visitors from Google.

Luqman’s entire strategy was based on ranking for ‘best [product] 2016’ throughout the year.

On just his fourth month after launching the site, Luqman had made $4,500 in commissions (after sending $100,000 in sales to Amazon).

5 months later, he would see himself profiting more than $40,000 in November and $80,000 in December. The December spike can mostly be accounted for with an increase in online shopping.

The entire article is more than 5,000 words but I don’t want to just ‘link out’ so here is the strategy in a nutshell.

  • Find products that people will be searching for in 2017 that are the best in different categories

  • Create a review page highlighting the products which you think are the best and link to them with an Amazon affiliate link

  • Make sure the review page is optimised for ‘2017-related’ terms

  • Try to build links to the site from web 2.0 sites, directories and other resources (it’s hard to build links to these types of sites naturally)

  • If you have an existing site, try to ‘piggyback’ off the authority where possible.

  • If you’re building a new site, don’t stress about the domain and branding. Just get started and get something up (results are going to be what makes you take this more seriously)

  • Keep building links / adding more content in your spare time. Improve the quality of the content to make it a great resource

I have made it a little bit simplistic here but that is the gist of things.

The reason I like sharing this kind of case study is because you don’t need a huge budget or incredible tech skills to get started.

The opportunity and potential is there, you just need to put the time in.

You can read the full strategy and case-study here:

(There are no ads and nothing to sell)

You can view the case study website here:

Luqman’s website is

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