In 2014 I had a problem…

In 2014 I had a problem…

Backlinko’s traffic was growing fast.

But no matter how many forms I slapped on my site, I couldn’t get ANYONE to sign up for my email newsletter.

Here’s the weird part:

All of the conversion “experts” told me: “run more A/B tests”.

So I ran A/B tests until I was blue in the face.

But nothing worked.

It gets worse:

One day I logged into Google Analytics and cringed.

My conversion rate was at an all-time low: a pitiful 1.73%.

I felt bummed about my conversion problem. So I messaged Noah Kagan on Facebook.

(Why Noah? Noah quickly built AppSumo from an idea to a multi-million dollar business. Not to mention an email list of 800k+).

Noah took a quick look at my site. And gave me one simple tip.

After implementing that ONE tip my conversion rate went from 1.73% to 4.83%…within days.

I’ll reveal what that tip is (and a lot more) on Wednesday’s live event.

Click here to reserve your spot.

Here’s the deal with Wednesday’s event:

Noah wants to spread the word about his conversion tool, SumoMe.

But neither of us wanted to do the typical “here’s a boring 45-minute webinar with a lame pitch at the end” deal.

Instead, we’re going to do something very cool:

Live. Website. Teardowns.

Can I get a “heck yeah!”?

Here’s how it works:

When you register for the event, you can submit your website.

We’ll choose a bunch of sites to review live on the webinar.

First, I’ll evaluate your site’s SEO…and give actionable recommendations.

Then Noah will swoop in and let you know how to get more leads and sales.

(Even if we don’t review your site, you’ll still get a ton of value from attending. You’ll see the exact process I use to evaluate a site’s SEO. And how Noah improves conversion rates).

The best part?

At the end…there will be NO pitch. Instead, everyone that registers gets a complementary month of SumoMe.

The event goes down this Wednesday (February 1st) at 1pm Eastern.

So if you want to get more traffic and sales this year, make sure to register for the live event right now.

Now to answer the question that you might be wondering:

“Will there be a recording?”.

I’m not 100% sure.

IF there’s a recording, Noah will only send it to people that registered.

Here’s the link where you can register one more time.

I’m super excited for this Wednesday.

See you then.

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